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This data is made open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). A human-readable copy of the license is available Here.


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Full Dataset (CSV)

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Full Dataset (Parquet)

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Connect directly to the data with Python.

# If not already installed, do: pip install pandas matplotlib geopandas import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import geopandas as gpd # the first URL gives you 15dp accuracy (highest possible) # the _LIGHT URL gives you 5dp accuracy, sufficient for visuals but not analysis # the _LIGHT URL is over 90% smaller in size, hence the tradeoff URL_GEOJSON = '' URL_GEOJSON_LIGHT = URL_GEOJSON.replace('.geojson','_light.geojson') MAPSIZE = [10,5] geo = gpd.read_file(URL_GEOJSON_LIGHT) # Uncomment below to maintain a rectangular map, but remove the whitespace caused by the South China Sea geo.loc[~geo.code_state.isin([12, 13, 15]), 'geometry'] = geo.geometry.translate(4.5, 0.5) # Uncomment below to change from rectangular --> square, for a more compact visual # geo.loc[~geo.code_state.isin([12, 13, 15]), 'geometry'] = geo.geometry.translate(9, 4.5) # MAPSIZE = [7,7] plt.rcParams.update({'font.size': 11, '': 'sans-serif', 'figure.figsize': MAPSIZE, 'figure.autolayout': True }) fig, ax = plt.subplots() ax.axis('off') ax.set_title('Your Map Title') geo.plot(facecolor='#ffffff', linewidth=0.5, edgecolor='black', ax=ax)

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This data catalog is not available through OpenAPI as the nature of the data makes it unsuitable for API access. For the full dataset, please use the provided download link as shown in the above section.

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