Jobless Claims

About 70% of the Malaysian labour force is registered under SOCSO's Employment Insurance system (EIS), which gives workers immediate financial assistance if they lose their job. As a result, SOCSO observes the Malaysian labour market in real time. For policymakers, SOCSO data is a critical complement to DOSM's Labour Force Survey, takes time to conduct to a high standard given that it is a representative nationwide survey. This dashboard brings you SOCSO's high-frequency labour data, and allows you to observe various labour market trends as they unfold!

Last updated: 10 Sept 2023, 09:00

How are job losses trending?

Data as of 09 Sept 2023, 23:59

Note: The number of actual job losses is more than the number shown here, because not all workers are registered with SOCSO.

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Malaysia: A breakdown of job losses this year

Data as of 09 Sept 2023, 23:59