Money Supply

There are over RM150 billion in coins and notes circulating in the Malaysian economy. This dashboard, which builds on Bank Negara Malaysia's Monthly Highlights and Statistics, provides an overview allowing users to track the composition and growth of currency in circulation. It should be noted that currency in circulation only captures currency which is still valid legal tender, which is a subset of all notes and coins that have ever existed. For instance, the RM1 coin has been discontinued.

Last updated: 29 Feb 2024, 15:00

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What are the various ways to measure the supply of money in Malaysia?

Data as of Jan 2024

Rather than one single 'correct' method of measurement, there are multiple ways of tracking the money supply. This dashboard tracks 3 measures - M1, M2, and M3. M1 is comprised of 'narrow money', covering only the most liquid assets. M2 is comprised of M1 and narrow quasi-money. M3 is comprised of M2 and broad money. The table below summarises the definitions:

How is the money supply trending?

Data as of Jan 2024



A deeper look at M1 (narrow money)

Data as of Jan 2024

A deeper look at M2 (quasi money)

Data as of Jan 2024