Monthly Arrivals by Nationality & Sex

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Monthly foreign arrivals in Malaysia by nationality and sex.

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How is this data produced?

The Immigration Department of Malaysia operates the Malaysian Immigration System (MyIMMs), which is used to record arrivals and departures by air, land, and sea at all international points of entry to Malaysia. Each arrival record contains details of the individual's nationality, sex, age, and other personal or travel-related information. The dataset shown here is aggregated from the transactional data stored in MyIMMs, which is the single source of truth for movement in and out of Malaysia.

What caveats I should bear in mind when using this data?

This data does not account for unrecorded entrances into Malaysia, whether of a legal or illegal nature. It is based solely on records in MyIMMS. Furthermore, it should be noted that approximately 0.01% of arrivals do not have a nationality specified, including stateless individuals and refugees.

Publication(s) using this data

Our site features a dashboard on immigration where you can explore this data in a more interactive manner.


Dataset description

Monthly foreign arrivals in Malaysia by nationality and sex.

Variable definitions
  • Nationality
  • Date
  • Arrivals
  • Male Arrivals
  • Female Arrivals
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Data source(s)
  • Imigresen

This data is made open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). A copy of the license is available Here.


Full Dataset (CSV)

Full Dataset (CSV)

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Full Dataset (Parquet)

Full Dataset (Parquet)

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Connect directly to the data with Python.

# If not already installed, do: pip install pandas fastparquet import pandas as pd URL_DATA = '' df = pd.read_parquet(URL_DATA) if 'date' in df.columns: df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['date']) print(df)

Sample OpenAPI query

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import requests import pprint url = "" response_json = requests.get(url=url).json() pprint.pprint(response_json)