Monthly Interest Rates

Data as of Apr 2024

Various interest rates monitored by Bank Negara Malaysia, such as fixed deposit rates, base rates, and lending rates.

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Interest Rate

How is this data produced?

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is the overseer which safeguards the public's financial interests. Accordingly, BNM tracks various interest rates of concern in real time. That data is summarised here at monthly frequency.

What caveats I should bear in mind when using this data?

There are several nuances to bear in mind when using this data:

  1. From August 2000 onwards, the Fixed Deposit Rate series for Commercial Banks and Investment Banks have been revised. Data for x-month fixed deposit rate refers to the quoted rate for that particular maturity alone. (Data prior to this date continue to reflect the average maturity).
  2. Effective 1 August 2022, the Standardised Base Rate replaced the Base Rate (BR) as the reference rate for new retail floating-rate loans. Existing BR- and BLR-based loans applied before the effective date will continue to be referenced against the BR and BLR respectively. However, after the effective date, the BR and BLR will move exactly in tandem with the Standardised Base Rate as any adjustments to the Standardised Base Rate will simultaneously be reflected in the corresponding adjustments to the BR and BLR.
  3. Since March 2012, the following banks were included in the computation of the average lending rate: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China from November 2010 onwards; Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation from May 2011 onwards; Mizuho Corporation Bank (M) Berhad and BNP Paribas Malaysia Berhad from December 2011 onwards.

Publication(s) using this data

Our site features an interactive dashboard on interest rates. This dataset is also published as part of BNM's monthly highlights and statistics.


Dataset description

Various interest rates monitored by Bank Negara Malaysia, such as fixed deposit rates, base rates, and lending rates.

Variable definitions
  • Date
  • Bank Type
  • Rate Type
  • Interest Rate
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31 May 2024, 15:00

Next update:

30 Jun 2024, 15:00

Data source(s)
  • BNM

This data is made open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). A copy of the license is available Here.


Full Dataset (CSV)

Full Dataset (CSV)

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Full Dataset (Parquet)

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Connect directly to the data with Python.

# If not already installed, do: pip install pandas fastparquet import pandas as pd URL_DATA = '' df = pd.read_parquet(URL_DATA) if 'date' in df.columns: df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['date']) print(df)

Sample OpenAPI query

The following code is an example of how to make an API query to retrieve the data catalogue mentioned above. You can use different programming languages by switching the code accordingly. For a complete guide on possible query parameters and syntax, please refer to the official Open API Documentation.

import requests import pprint url = "" response_json = requests.get(url=url).json() pprint.pprint(response_json)